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The Countryside Collective runs innovative content creation days combining networking with brand building.

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Hi there, I’m Katie


I’m a county girl born and bred. Growing up on the island of Jersey, then moving around the South and Southwest with my Army husband before returning to settle in Devon. My Grandfather was a dairy farmer, and I’ve been heavily involved with horses and equestrianism in general my entire life.

I’m is a professional photographer specialising in equine portraits, weddings and commercial work. I decided to found the Countryside Collective after numerous discussions with fellow small business owners who struggled to find relevant networking opportunities and also to afford professional photography of their products.


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A day full of content

How it works

The content creation days are focused round creating themed styled lifestyle imagey that works for Country aligned brands. Each day will include a range of diverse models at a stunning country location.

Whilst I work away creating photographs to highlight each attendees’ products you have the opportunity to network and build invaluable network connections with like minded business owners. You will also have the opportunity to create a phone full of content to serve your brand for months to come. You will receive chance to create videos with our models in addition to behind the scenes content.

As an attendee you will come away from the day with at 25 high resolution images which you can choose from a short list of at least 50 images. You then have the option to upgrade to larger or all image packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to attend?

Ticket price may vary according to location and specific event but normally are circa £150-200 per person for full day events. The ticket includes:

  • Chance to meet and network with up to 10 country businesses per event
  • Opportunity to showcase your products in a range of lifestyle country settings including with a range of diverse models.
  • Chance to create your own brand content including behind the scenes imagery and video content
  • 25 images from the day of your choice from a finished gallery with a standard commercial use licence
  • Option to purchase additional images at £5 per image or a full shoot image bundle
  • Buffet lunch
How do the events work?

We arrange locations and models, and a full schedule of set ups so all you need to do is turn up with your products and then join in the conversations. The days are fun and collaborative. Want to be involved in the photos themselves? Absolutely! Want to stay behind the camera? Again not a problem.

We will confirm all products with each attendee in advance so that any additional products to best style each set up can be sourced.

On the day we follow the pre planned schedule whilst taking our time to get all the content we can. There will be ample chance to capture video content and we can offer our expert guidance to create professional videos on your own phones.

We will break for lunch before carrying on in the afternoon.

You will leave inspired with new connections and a hard drive full of new content to use for your brand for months and years to come.

Where will products be photographed?

The photography location will vary according to the event venue and potentially also the weather. Each event will have a theme therefore meaning if you attend multiple meetings at the same venue you will receive different but complimentary imagery each time.

At applicable times of year there will be key themes such as Christmas which will be done early enough to allow for Christmas gift guide submissions.

Some events will also have flat lay style set ups, others more inclusive of the location surroundings and background.

We will provide examples of the intended images before each event to allow attendees to decide which of their products may be most suitable.

What products can be photographed?

Products, unless by prior arrangement as a general rule should be able to easily carried by one person in one hand due to venue limitations. Products requiring an electrical point to function (and to be pictured functioning) will require prior approval and compulsory PAT testing.

Can clothes be photographed?

Yes! We will source models for all events including a diverse range where possible. The size of the models will be made available prior to the event to ensure your products are shown off to their best.

In the event there is not a suitable model or you cannot provide an item in the correct size your product can normallynstill be photographed in a lifestyle setting. We would recommend if you offer personalised packing that you bring packing with you to the event.

What if I don't have a physical product?

For many businesses the product is the business owner and their skills and therefore we offer those business owners, or those whose products are not suitable for photography at the event to have their own photographs taken.

Research shows that images of the faces behind a business offer far greater engagement than those of products on social media.

You can opt to be one of our models for the event and our photographers being the experts they are will help you to quickly relax in front of the camera to capture professional but beautiful lifestyle portraits.

What if I don't need/want any photos taken?

No problems at all, if you don’t need or want photos of you or your products, then you can still attend, please let us know as we can offer a reduced rate for non photographic attendees

How many products can I bring?

You may bring up to 5 products but we ask that a preferred product is highlighted. This is because depending on the number of attendees we need to be sure to give a fair amount of coverage to each attendee

How many photos will you take?

This will vary widely depending on the number of attendees, products and also the venue. On average we would expect each attendee’s products to appear in at least 50 images from a full day shoot. Normally there are many more.

Each attendee will then be able to choose 25 images as part of their ticket price which they can download with a full non transferable commercial license. They will also have the option to purchase additional images if they wish.

How do I receive my complimentary photo?

All attendees will be provided with an individual voucher code to be redeemed on the photographer’s website which will allow them to download 1 complimentary image from the gallery which will be made available within a week of the event.

Further images will be available to purchase.

How much do additional photos cost?

Pricing for all images beyond the complimentary included images.

Full Commercial Licence (10 year non transferable licence)
Single image £5
ALL images for one attendee £100


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